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About Us

Skilled Nursing Services in Fargo, North Dakota

The Meadows recognizes the importance that an environment has on our road to healing and recovery. In a central Fargo location, surrounded by a staff that treats all our guests and residents like family, we customize our care and therapy plans, down to the meals we provide to meet the individual needs of each of our guests. We know that it is a holistic approach to healing your body that will bring you recovery.

Our Services

24/7 Skilled Nursing

Experienced nursing staff ready and able to help manage care, pain, medication, hygiene, and whatever else is needed to make your stay a comfortable one.

Physical Therapy

Physical, occupational, and speech therapists who specialize in post-surgical rehab and create personalized goals to help you regain your independence.

Physician Oversight and Care

Our medical director is in the building for select hours during the week and available on-call whenever necessary.


Resident Reviews

I have been a resident here for 6 months. I came in very weak and negative, but as soon as I started therapy I began to feel positive and all of a sudden my mood just stayed happy. The environment here is happy, active, clean and made me feel secure. Nurses and CNAs understand the needs for those they are caring for. I feel blessed to have been a resident here.

Lisa H

The therapy is number one. The changes in the food service is bring out quality and great tasting food. The management has went backwards to help me with my transition. The nurses and nurse aides work hard to make sure that I get what i need to help with my declining health.

Robert S

This is a very good place for rehab. I first came here with a fractured hip and had great therapy. Therapists are very patient, friendly and welcoming. I now live here long term and the staff are so kind and caring. Staff explain processes and procedures before helping. They are a great team and work together. I am very pleased with my experience here.

Judith V

My experience has been wonderful. The therapy department is terrific! The nurses and CNAs were responsive, caring and compassionate. Staff have been good about explaining my treatments. I was able to make friends with the fellow residents and staff members. The meals have been great. I would recommend this facility to anyone needing therapy or nursing care.

Mary D

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